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What do your Blue Eyes Indicate ?

Our Basic Underlying Iris colour very quickly reveals a lot about our unique systems.

While each of the  iris images above are blue they are all very different. The overlays of colour and formations record additional information on how our body is functioning and how you are reacting to the world around you.

The scale and progression of colour indicates the degree of severity of Conditions or symptoms. Emotionally, Physically, Environmentally, Genetically

These fascinating indications are reflected in the iris via the nervous system

Today we are simply looking at what the Blue Iris generally reflects

People with Blue eyes commonly suffer from the following conditions:

• Childhood ear, nose and throat complaints and various allergies.

• An overactive lymphatic system, often with swollen glands.

• Upper respiratory weakness including asthma, bronchitis and sinusitis.

• Hyperacidity resulting in inflammatory conditions including arthritis and rheumatics.

• Hardening of arteries is common in advancing age.

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