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WAIT - Don't throw out the Pulp !!

The fibre in the pulp that we can so easily throw away after juicing is high in fibre and nutrients and has a vital role in supporting our digestive health. I hope that this post will inspire you to re-purpose the pulp into your daily food to take your juicing experience and the benefits to the next level.

The most ideal time to utilise it is immediately after juicing so that it remains in its freshest state – or freeze it for later use.

Aside from composting and feeding hungry chickens or your worm farm, here are some simple tips on how to use all the pulp that adds up day after day.


There are some amazing cracker recipes. Click this link for some great ideas


Add a large handful from the morning’s juice into your mid-day smoothie to boost its fibre content even more. Also, spread a layer of pulp over your lunch wrap of choice before rolling it up.


Use your leftover vegetable pulp by adding it to your homemade bone broths, soups, chilis and stews for an extra dose of healing and fibre.


Add it to your homemade meat burgers, veggie burgers , salmon patties and quinoa patties to elevate flavor, moisture and nutrition.


Boost your frittata and quiche or scrambled egg creations with a sprinkling of pulp over the top, or folded in.


Enhance your lasagnas by adding veggie pulp in between the layers, sprinkling some on top of your homemade pizzas, and adding a few cups into your tomato sauces.


Revitalise your regular guacamole recipe by adding your leftover pulp.PULP CRACKERS OR WRAPS

And for dipping into that healing, nutrient-dense guacamole, I recommend whipping up some divine raw turmeric veggie crackers

You could try mixing with enough water to make a sort of workable “dough”. Spread onto dehydrator sheets and dehydrate for 6 hours or until done.

See link below for more ideas


Everyone loves  pancakes ,and an easy way to bulk them out and make them a bit more substantial is to throw your juice pulp into the mix. The juice pulp adds some extra texture, a sweet flavour and some extra fibre to them so that you can digest them even better.


Use it to make – just add a little water. Or check  recipes in the link below


Dehydrate it and then blend to a powder to add to meals, similar to my Green Veggie Powder.


Add to your favourite dressings or dips and spreads such as hummus and bean dip. Add some fruit pulp to your homemade Jam and or chutney


I add pulp to my dogs food for added fibre and nutrient value. It’s so good for them

Please be aware, certain foods are toxic to certain pets, so make sure it’s safe for your furry friend first!

You could also make dog biscuits and add the pulp

CARROT PULP can be used for pretty much any recipe that calls for grated carrot – give it a go

CLICK HERE for loads of ideas and recipes for using up your Juice pulp

Remember you are able to freeze the pulp until you need it :)