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Alfalfa Sprouts how to sprout and recipes

The following Videos by @Her86m2 (Instagram) and check out her you tube channel at :   (135) Her 86m2 - YouTube

She shows you how she sprouts and then in the following video she shows a few recipes to utilise Alfalfa Sprouts. 

The videos are beautifully done so I hope you enjoy them and also other information on her website.

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It is so easy to grow sprouts. Choose a well lit spot indoors that is away from direct heat or sunlight. Using a large, wide mouthed glass jar, place the seeds into the jar and soak in lukewarm water for approximately 3 hours or overnight. Cover the top of the jar with a porous fabric like muslin, stocking or a cotton handkerchief and secure in place with a rubber band. Strain out the water, and leave the jar on a slight angle with the top of the jar facing downwards. ... Fill the jar twice a day with lukewarm water, and shake well to ensure that all of the spouts are rinsed, then drain. After 3 – 5 days, sprouts should be ready for eating. Remove them from the jar and rinse well under running water in a fine strainer prior to consumption.

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