In ancient times the knowledge of herbs and essential oils was gained by sitting in the fields with nature, listening to her whispers, breathing in the feel good melody of fragrant notes and observing the shapes, colours and astrology that mother nature offers. Intuitively remedies were created and the “ah ha” moments documented as “The doctrine of Signatures”.

We have drawn on this ancient wisdom and layered it with the knowledge of today. Herbal actives have been carefully selected and then reinforced with layers of essential oils, homeopathy and a magical flower essence twist to warm the soul.

This distinctive Attitude range has been created to not only nurture and physically revive sensitive skin but to also work on a deeper emotional level. When you put on your Attitude each day you will face the day with added confidence and a sense of beauty from within.

“Connecting to the essence of a plant is the gateway to its spirit or consciousness”. - Paracelsus